Cycling Transylvania… Little valleys, scenic villages, dark forests and breath-taking mountains are waiting to be discovered by you. The place is mysterious, beautiful, unique and unspoiled. Virgin forests, fantastic meadows full with wildflowers, bears, wolves just some of Transylvania’s treasures. Indeed – the largest population of bears in Europe is in Romania. The last virgin forests of Europe is Transylvania. The Western Carpathians are hiding probably the most fantastic cave system with underground rivers and ice caves. 


When we say Transylvanian gastronomy, we need to think of an amalgam of many different influences and mixtures. Probably the most important gastronomical influence is the turkish kitchen, which had a major impact on Romanian and Hungarian cuisine as well. Sarmale and mici (mitsch) have turkish roots. Gulyás and paprikás are Hungarian. Mujdei and bors are Romanian. But telemea which is a soft and salty cheese along with some great garden tomatoes are probably the best appetizer combination what you can get. Cycling through Transylvania, you will try all these delicious traditional meals with locals along with the best aperitif in the world: palinca. 


From the perspective of cultural heritage we can separate three main historical ethnic groups: Romanians, Hungarians and the Saxons. You will have a feeling that you are cycling in a living museum, where you can explore the depth of the old cultures. You will see horse-drawn carriages, farming people, returning herds in the golden sunset, preserved old culture and lifestyle. By cycling Transylvania you can observe a real harmony and a perfect cohabitation between nature and human beings. Facing the changes and challenges of modern times, Transylvania is waiting to be explored. Fungus manufacturer, charcoal burner, wool manufactory, barrel maker, shingle making, pottery… just a few of the crafts you can visit by cycling Transylvania. In Szeklerland wonderful gates and painted furniture, Maramures is the carved wood paradise, Saxonland is the temple of architecture, Apuseni Mountains are offering the authentic rural lifestyle. Don’t miss your lifetime experience: Cycling Transylvania.


Being the only surviving medieval landscape, Transylvania is also called Fairy Garden and the place of myths and legends – where you can get the taste of timelessness. This is the place connected to the “Dracula Legend”. By cycling Transylvania you can be part of the legend. 

5 days spent with Szaby,our guide and bike tour operator,travelling from one beautiful, unspoilt Saxon village to another over 4 days ,then a final day ,arranged at short notice due to inclement weather ,in Szekelyland,that included an evening on the edge of the Harghita mountains bear watching. An exceptional trip,for scenery and buildings,exhilarating biking,fascinating history and culture,and of course ,the excitement of bears (and fierce sheepdogs!)Throughout,Szaby was enthusiastic ,organised and entertaining with terrific language skills and a great sense of humour,at ease with a joke,history or current affairs .As well as being a great travelling companion,he was sensitive to our “own space”,and very flexible to changing plans. Highly recommended,we will be back for more!

Philip and Mollie, UK