We are a group of middle aged cyclists from the UK that tour somewhere different each year. This year we discovered Romania with TransyBike tours. Their level of service was excellent and they tailored for all of our groups needs. We had the most wonderful experience of this country and the people. TransyBike made the 4 day tour very enjoyable and we would highly recommend this to like minded adventure seeking Westernised folk to go and see a corner of Europe that still retains its traditional values.

Clive, United Kingdom

My wife and I have lived and done field work in Romania, but nothing prepared us for the fantastic places and experiences these two bike trips gave us. The first was five days of pure fun and stimulation from peasant village to village, with a ride on a narrow-gauge steam train thrown in. We stayed in private homes and guest houses which were charming, and most were in authentic local peasant architecture style. The food and hospitality of the hosts and our director and guide Szabi were outstanding: he took care of our every need. After two days on our own in Cluj, we had a week of riding through the old German and Hungarian part of Romania, and saw castles, fortresses and churches, along with our cycling, eating and drinking. For advanced seniors, the mountain bike riding was challenging, but we made it. Next year we’ll try a slightly more tame ride through Bukovina.

Jim Patterson, USA

My family of five had an amazing experience biking through Transylvania with our trusted and good natured Transybike guide Szabi and his free-spirited driver/counterpart, Zoltan. The biking was adventurous, arduous, and through unique terrain, and Szabi did a great job of customizing the trip to the needs and abilities of our family as he went along. Because it is his own small business, built and designed from scratch, there is a strong sense of pride-of-ownership and personal touch that Szabi is able to employ. Not only that, he has a strong sense of culture, respect for tradition, and an artistic touch that makes the bicycling almost secondary to a unique exploration of Transylvanian culture. Szabi’s demeanor was always polite and professional, and he put forth 100% effort whether on the bike trail or describing the culture. He was especially accommodating to the needs of my kids, making their experience incredibly enjoyable despite the sometimes grueling bicycling. My family have had many adventures traveling the world but our experience with Transybike ranks among the top. Had we tried the trip on our own, we would have had only one-tenth the experience Szabi was able to give us. We are so grateful to him. The Pack family, Los Angeles, California

John Pack, USA

We had an amazing trip with Szabolcs as our guide. He was very knowledgable about the area and each day provided us with a map of our ride for the day and what to see along the way. He was always in support of us should we have needed it, but the equipment he provided never let us down and the accomodation he chose was excellent. We loved staying with local families in their homes and eating home cooked food. The scenery was stunning and the whole region fascinating, it was like steopping back in time. We had a memorable day on the Mocanita steam railway when the train stopped half way down on our return journey and we cycled back to the town below. We would like to return to take the Castle tour in the future.

Gail Peak, UK

OUR FABOLOUS DAY WITH TRANSYBIKE started with getting to know Szabo and his chauffeur Joe at the meeting-place outside Cluj. After a short ride up the hills we (two  very ”senior” and two ”junior”  individuals coming from England, France and Scandinavia) were instructed and very motivated to test Szabo’s mounting bikes going towards the ”Cheile Turzii ” canyon. 
This experience was really FABOULOUS, biking for about 3 hours around the different hills with lots of interesting information and stories from Szabo, marvellous views of this beautiful countryside. Having an excellent and authentic meal at a small restaurant situated just at the entrance of the canyon gave us the necessary energy to move on walking through the most fascinating canyon (about 1½ hours) at the end of which our chauffeur was waiting for us.
We ended up the day visiting the most astonishing and fascinating salt mines outside TURDA (a site with world-wide reputation) and after that going back to Cluj where we arrived about six o’clock.
We had a wonderful day with Szabo, thanks to this very sympathetic and polyglott guide (excellent in english, french besides his native languages romanian and hungarian) we learnt a lot of Romanian history and culture; as the sun accompanied us all the day we could not have asked for a  better trip!

Ole L, France

The Transybike Tour was the first time in my life I had visited Transylvania and Saxon-land but I`m sure that I will return to this land with my bicycle in the future. What I saw was absolutely gorgeous, peaceful landscape with a dash of old saxon houses, churches, towers. Every second city or village what we visited had a nice old church and tower, all of them has their own old story. The `bacon-tower` for me was the most interesting story I`ve heard during our bike-tour. We saw the old Bethlen Castle at Cris, at about 12 km from Sigishoara and of course we visited the Castle of Sighisoara as well. Many interesting places. One of my favorite day was when we visited a long time operating charcoal-burner, which I think is the last one in Transylvania even in Romania as well. To reach this point we had a nice biking in the nearby forest with an awesome mountain bike track which I loved so much. When we climb up on the hills I knew that at the end of this climb we will get our reward : the perfect descend with bikes. Oh man…, the view to the valley was fantastic! When we arrived to the charcoal-burner the local couple offered to us hot coffee and doughnut to recharge our `batteries`. They were so helpful and friendly, smiley. I don`t think these local, nice people had any stress between these beautiful mountains and valleys. Everything was so peaceful and the time was absolutely slow down. Interesting feeling which You can experience only on these kind of places because it comes from every tree, every little stone… Our tour guide, Szabolcs was very helpful, happy, he got to know all the routes and know about the villages and cities we visited during our tour. In case if somebody didn`t feel to biking one day, the transfer bus (we called: Team Bus) was available to reach the destination. The `Team Bus` carried our accessories (luggages) what we needed on the tour so we just had to ride our bike with our daily equipments (like: water, snack, rain jacket) and enjoy the Transylvanian scenery in Saxonland. I can definitely recommend TransyBike.

Steve, Hungary

WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!! This day tour on the bicycles was the GREATEST thing in our staying at Cluj. The nature, the mountains and the fields around us were so refreshing and calming. Szabi was the nicest guide EVER!!! He gave us alot of information,we had really interesting talks with him, also he’s full of good and awesome energies that will keep you laughing and riding the bicycle till the end of the day. We went through some traditional villages near Cluj that
 day, and ate traditional lunch which was so amazing. We also visited the salt mines there which was simply magical. Whatever I say isn’t enough to describe how PERFECT that day was. I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this day tour if you are staying at Cluj. If you don’t book for TransyBikes you are missing out on ALOTTT !!!
Me and my friends are coming back to Cluj next year, and we are sure of one thing .. WE ARE BOOKING FOR TRANSY-BIKE AGAAAAAIN !!!

Jenna Z, Israel

Our bike tour with Szabo and Joe was the best biking tour we’ve had! My boyfriend and I were promptly met by our guides and we headed outside of the city to see the countryside of Cluj. It was GORGEOUS! Szabo took us on dirt trails that wove through villages, farms, and the wooded forests. We biked about 30 km to the Turda Gorge, which was beautiful. Joe had prepared us a wonderful lunch of fresh cheeses, meats, vegetables, bread, and coffee. Everything was delicious and we watched two shepherds herd their flocks as we ate. Such an authentic experience. Both Joe and Szabo were very friendly and helped us get to know the traditions of Romania and it’s history. We hiked through the gorge and were then driven to the salt mines which were unlike anything we had seen before. We ended the day with a coffee overlooking the city of Cluj. Fantastic day with fantastic guides! A must do when in Cluj!!!

Kerry & Jon, USA

Our vacation far exceeded my expectations. We had a wonderful week on our tandem bike ride across Transylvania. We were able to see so many castles and cathedrals and meet local people along the way. Guide: Szabolcs was outstanding!. Had everything completely planned but was flexible enough to change once he got to know our likes and dislikes better. All bike routes were chosen with safety in mind but still able to see incredible sites along the way. He was a wealth of knowledge of the history as well as the attractions. Plus, he was just a lot of fun to be with. Accommodations: Great mix of farm houses in the smaller towns and hotels in the “old town” in the bigger cities. One of the highlights of the trip was the home made breakfast with Szabolcs and Anna in Biertran. Bread was fresh from her neighbor’s hearth, fruits and vegetables straight from the garden, etc. Everything was local and delicious. Equipment: Fantastic aluminum frame Trek tandem bike that was perfect. We’ve had several tandem trips in other countries but this bike was an order of magnitude better. Even better than our Cannondale at home.

Dale, USA